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Galaxis G-Flames

We all love when the show gets hot! Flames is one of the grates SFX you can have on the set or integrated into multimedia show. One of the most important aspects here is safety, therefor we only work with trusted and certified manufacturers with years of proven quality and reliability.


The CO2 JET is a device that blows white clouds of CO2 on festival stages - thats what MagicFX says about CO2 jets. What more can we add? It does not require further descriptions, all in needs is to be implemented in your next show.


A product that was created by Showven, and therefor its the way to go. We dont use cheaper knock-offs that is not certified, does not comply with safety standards or uses cheap mechanical components. Flawless show requires flawless equipments. In Laser Saga we only stock original Sparkulars.

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