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Creating magic and art to excite and delight your audience. Trusted by agencies and production teams, loved by the spectators. End-to-end delivery of innovative laser & multimedia shows: equipment, skills, and passion for everything we do.

3D video mapping

Bring your vision to live with the trusted team of international artists, developers, engineers, and technicians, who rightfully earned multiple industry awards, while most importantly do loves creating emotionally engaging shows representing customer’s vision. 3D Video Mapping is a modern technology that allows to change visual characteristics of the virtually and object or surface and create a dynamic display. 3D projections allows us bring life into any object, alter this object beyond recognition, highlight its peculiar characteristics, and create unforgettable experience to spectators. The technology can be used as on small object e.g. mock up of a company logo or a product, and upscaled to large 3D video mapping projection of buildings, towers, stadium grounds, vehicles and other objects.


It takes a professional to take an awesome show to the next level, while not distracting people from the core performance, but making the performance impression to last and scale. Your fans will be thrilled to share the magic of the show on all their social networks. Make your concert unforgettable by adding that important spice with use of lasers, video projection and special effects such as flames, low fog, co2, confettis, pyro effects and more. Martin Garrix, Maluma, Enrique Iglesias, Chainsmokers, Sean Paul are few to name who we have worked with.

Laser projection mapping

The technology is used to project and map tough and complex surfaces bringing them to live and attracting attention from anyone passing by. Want to deliver a message, say happy birthday on a skyscraper, outline elements of a building, display a countdown, project a huge logo or a portrait, all that can be done with Laser Projection mapping.


End to end execution of your vision is the key. We allow no details to fall into cracks during the whole process of the production. You can rest assured that the vision you have in mind will land the best way possible, brought to life by the team of trusted professionals.

Laser show

“Laser focused” phrase is the one used a lot in business discussion. Laser show done right can focus the attention of the audience like nothing else on the market, bringing both technology and art together.

Multimedia show

Stitching together a complex show to completely tantalize the audience with multiple media sources and formats requires both in-depth understanding of each piece of technology involved and perfect integration. We have an amazing team to land it end to end.

Video Shoots

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